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Vacuum sensors with ceramic measuring cell

Due to an optimised support in the process connection the units with a ceramic measuring cell are designed for highest stress with nominal pressures of -1 to 600 bar. These sensors are extremely robust against mechanical influence and work completely without wear and tear or fatigue. The resulting long-term stability ensures safe operation and reliable measurement results over 100 million pressure cycles.
1x DC PNP2x DC PNP2x DC NPN1x DC PNP/NPN2x DC PNP/NPN1x ACanalogue 4...20 mAanalogue 0...10 V
Measuring range
-1...4 bar-1...10 bar-1...25 bar-1...100 bar
Process connection
G¼IG¼AG½IG¾AG1 maleSealing cone G 1 male¼" NPTM5IAseptoflex adapterG 1 male / Aseptoflex VarioClamp 1.5"Clamp 2"
pneumatic systemshydraulic systemsaggressive mediahygienic systemsviscous media and liquids with suspended particlesliquids and gaseshigh temperaturefood industryhazardous areas (ATEX)

Vacuum sensors with silicon measuring cell

As regards accuracy, the units with the piezoresistive silicon measuring cell are every bit as good as the sensors having used a ceramic measuring cell so far. Thanks to their construction they allow differential pressure measurements without having to connect a second pressure pick-up.
1x DC PNP2x DC PNP2x DC NPN2x DC PNP/NPNanalogue 4...20 mA
Measuring range
-1...4 bar-1...10 bar
Process connection
G1/8 femaleM5I
pneumatic systems

System solutions

In addition to the wide range of pressure sensors ifm also provides special and reliable system solutions. Special units, based on our tried-and-tested pressure sensors, permit use in even more applications. Using the PC-based communication and software solutions, use of the ifm pressure sensors is even more comfortable.
combined sensor for pump diagnosis and pressure monitoringsoftware solutions

More information

System description - Vacuum sensors


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