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The S65-V color sensors offer the best performances for color detection in a compact housing. The S65-V, thanks to a good response time of only 340μs, results to be particularly suitable for automatic packaging applications, quality control and part checking in the process production. The sensors can memorize and recognize 3 colors on 3 independent channels. The auxiliary functions include keylock and synchronization with external events through a specific input. The control panel presents two setting push-buttons, outputs LEDs and a 4-digit display for functioning messages and sensor configuration. Complete remote control is possible for the version with the RS485 serial interface.


White emission: good performance/price ratio

C or C+I selectable functioning mode: high detection reliability and resolution

Teach-in push-button and display 4 digits indicator: fast and easy setting

1.5KHz switching frequency: precise and repeatability reading

RS485 serial interface: data transmission and remote setting


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

Packaging lines


Wood working machines

Glass working machines


Ordering Codes


956251000 S65-PA-5-V09-PPPZ colour RS485 M12
956251010 S65-PA-5-V09-NNNZ colour RS485 M12
956251020 S65-PA-5-V09-PPP colour pnp out M12
956251030 S65-PA-5-V09-NNN colour npn out M12
956251080 S65-PA-5-V19-PPPZ colour RS485 M12
956251090 S65-PA-5-V19-NNNZ colour RS485 M12
956251100 S65-PA-5-V19-PPP colour pnp out M12
956251110 S65-PA-5-V19-NNN colour npn out M12


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