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•  Temperature range: -40 to 3000°C (-40 to 5430°F)
Standard through-the-lens and laser sighting on all models
Integral stainless steel cooling enclosure
Remote motorized focus
High resolution optics
Simultaneous analog and digital outputs
5 year warranty included
Product Description

The Modline®7 infrared thermometers are designed for continuous temperature monitoring in nearly any application in industrial temperature process control. Offering 8 different series to choose from (7V, 72, 7G, 76, 75, 77, 78 & 74), these rugged pyrometers feature an IP65 (NEMA 4) enclosure, standard motorized focus control, as well as through-the-lens and laser sighting.

With extended temperature ranges, high resolution optics and fast response times, the Modline 7 provides the versatility to solve your most demanding applications. An intuitive sensor design, with integral water cooling in a stainless steel enclosure or high temperature waterjacket, reduces installation and setup time. Standardized installation accessories and common ModView™ Pro software platform minimize multiple product configurations at your factory.

Designed for harsh industrial environments, Modline 7 additionally features:

Communications utilities to monitor up to 32 Modline 7 sensors

Advanced signal conditioning filters (peak hold, valley hold and averaging)

Background compensation

System or process alarm outputs directly from the sensing head

Models & Applications

The Modline 7 series features eight models, as listed below:

Temp Range
Modline 7V
0.9 - 0.97 µm
400 to 1200°C
752 to 2192°F
Silicon wafer MBE, silicon and gallium arsenide
wafer deposition
Modline 72
1.0 µm
400 to 3000°C
752 to 5432°F
Semiconductor, metals forging, hardening & molten glass
Modline 7G
1.6 µm
300 to 2250°C
572 to 4082°F
Ferrous, non ferrous and unoxidized metals,
galvanizing lines & steel annealing
Modline 76
2.4 µm
100 to 600°C
212 to 1112°F
Small, low temperature targets, wire coating &
annealing, plastic tubing extrusions
Modline 75
3.9 µm
250 to 2250°C
482 to 4082°F
Furnace refractory, flame hardening & brazing
Modline 77
5.0 µm
250 to 2250°C
482 to 4082°F
Glass surface temperatures, glass tempering & float glass, ceramics
Modline 78
7.9 µm
300 to 900°C
572 to 1652°F
Ultra-thin drawn glass
Modline 74
8 - 14 µm
-40 to 800°C
-40 to 1472°F
Low temperature applications: thick plastics, food,
carpeting, coated paper & thermoforming


ModView™ Pro Software

Modline 7 series features a suite of software programs and utilities to interface with the sensors, including ModView Pro software. With built-in user interface, ModView Pro software displays target temperatures and allows for sensor parameter adjustment to configure or fine tune your sensor remotely. You can easily change temperature display from ºF to ºC, set or change emissivity levels, scale the range, focus the sensor, and turn on or off filters, such as peak hold, valley hold and averaging, as well as save data for future reference or graphing. Users can also preset alarms for early warning detection, system on/off control or for quality record keeping.


Operating Ambient Temperatures

Without cooling: 5 to 65ºC (41 to 150ºF)

With integral air cooling: 10 to 120ºC (50 to 250ºF)

With integral water cooling: 10 to 175ºC (50 to 350ºF)

With high temperature waterjacket cooling: 10 to 315ºC (50 to 600ºF)

A full list of accessories, as well as specifications and product dimensions are available in the Modline 7 product brochure.

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